What Is TrusIX?

What Is TrusIX?

Launched early 2022,Fibertrust Internet Exchange is an IXP based on Bandung, Indonesia. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) serve as a focal point of bandwidth or network capacity. Participating entities interconnect or “peer” with one another to improve network performance, increase resiliency, and reduce operational costs.

Why Connect?

Peering exchanges just make sense. Why pay premium prices to transit a NAP network, when you can connect to an inordinate number of your fellow regional networks for a single flat monthly cost? Don’t pay per megabyte to get to the company down the road! Latency is another factor – Bandung is uniquely located between two massive network markets, Jakarta. This means your traffic is likely bouncing from Bandung to Jakarta and back again to Bandung then to Singapore, just to get to your neighbor. Let’s put an end to that.

Where To Connect?

Currently, TrustIX has a PoP in Bandung, Cirebon and Madiun. We do plan to expand our footprint into other datacenters in the region, as demand increases.